Notes From The Winemaker

The vineyard is in bloom! The developing grape clusters are flowering and beginning their transformation into this years grape crop. The small and modest flowers are concealed beneath an ample canopy, but if by chance you find yourself amongst the vines during bloom, you can experience the sweet aromas that encompass the entire vineyard.

Bloom is an important phase in the grape growing season and will determine the number of berries in each grape cluster. The flower clusters are called inflorescence and referred to as perfect flowers; they are hermaphroditic, possessing both female ovaries and male stamens. Though the bees like to visit, grape vine flowers are self-pollinating and need no help. About 10-14 days after full bloom, fruit set should be well established and the pollinated flowers will begin to form small green berries that will eventually grow into individual grapes.

While things in the vineyard quiet down a bit, in the cellar we carry on with the progression of the wines and continue them on their journey toward bottling. The summer is a significant time for making blends and preparing barrel aged wines for bottling. We are examining and finalizing our 2016 Malbec to ensure it is exactly where we want it, as well as where we feel it will be in the future. This is a fun and exciting time in the wine making process, but this decision-making is critical, because once the wine is in the bottle no more adjustments can be made.

Du Vin

I am so excited to release my very first red wine at Chamard Vineyards! This Bordeaux blend from the 2015 vintage, goes by the name of Heritage 70/30 and was aged and developed for two years in American, French and Hungarian Oak, followed by five months in bottles. It’s name is derived from the blend it is crafted from, Suisun Valley, CA grapes at a composition of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot. The 2015 California growing season had drought conditions, posing quite a struggle, but proved no match for the tough, deep rooted veteran vines of Lanza-Musto Vineyards. There was a record early harvest and the grapes, though a light crop, proved to be of stellar quality. This wine is full-bodied, replete with red fruit, earth and copious tannins. If you enjoy a big and bold red wine, this one is for you!