Notes From The Winemaker

The vineyard is full of young grapes! After pollination we had a very healthy fruit set. The first phase of fruit set begins at bloom and persists for two months, during which time the berries are formed. The berry expands in volume and accumulates important organic acids that are fundamental to the winemaking process. Tannins accumulate at this time as well, which are responsible for bitterness and astringency, and aid in color, stability and mouth feel. These are the building blocks to make a great wine!

In the vineyard, shoot positioning, leaf pulling and hedging is underway. Our grapevines are trained on a Vertical Shoot Position trellis system, where they are grown in an upright position. The canes are attached to the bottom wire and the shoots are tucked up into the above three sets of double catch wires. Shoot position is important to create a uniform distribution of foliage that minimizes shading of fruit and opens the canopy to aid in vine productivity and fruit quality. Hedging is when the top portions of the canes are removed so they do not grow too long and block sunlight and air movement within the canopy. Additionally we are pulling leaves off from around the grape clusters. This practice improves air circulation and increases the grape bunches sunlight exposure, which enhances flavor compound and color production and decreases acids and vegetative aromas.

In the cellar we are making early preparations for harvest, finalizing grape contracts, estimating our vineyard harvest, choosing and ordering yeasts, nutrients and all other fermentation necessities for the approaching season. Soon we will be hard at work making more great wines for you to enjoy!

Du Vin

The end of July has brought with it some very warm and humid weather. It is certainly a great time to enjoy a crisp, chilled white wine! This month enjoy the Viognier 2016. This wine is crafted from Chilean grapes, an ideal region for this Rhone varietal that requires a long, warm growing season to fully ripen. This delicate, pale, honey kissed white wine possesses a perfumed nose of tangerine and honeysuckle and offers a palate teeming with peach and apricot. Cheers!